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The next Parish Council meeting will be at the St Margaret’s Church Bygrave, Monday 21st May 2018 including the annual Parish Meeting. Click here for the Annual Meeting Agenda, and here for the Annual Parish Meeting.

February 2018 - Planning Update

Please click here for the North Herts Planning Update letter, and here for the statement to the inspectors

June 2017 - Micro Brewery Update Response Letter

Micro brewery - Ashwell Road

As discussed I now attach the revised  drawings of which we  circulated a few copies last week. It shows a reduction in height of 2m plus when compared to the plans submitted last December. Click Drawing 1 and Drawing 2

Their were a couple of other points raised in the meeting which I've now had the chance to check through:

1) Future change of use:  My understanding  following a discussion with our Architect is that the land  is a brownfield site with a land classification of ' Sui Generis' - if planning permission were to be granted it would be for a  microbrewery under the classification of Sui Generis.  Any future change of use would therefore require the formal express consent of NHDC.

2) Smell - the boiling kettles (in which beer is brewed) will hold at max capacity in 4 years time - approx 288 gallons  (approx 1.3 cubic metres). Its small in absolute  terms and tiny if compared to say the Biogen plant on the A505 which as we all know does smell on occasion!  From what I can glean, at capacity, that receives and processes the equiv of 1,150 cubic metres of food waste per week.

3) Roads - The road to both the north  and south of the site is relatively straight for 800m+,  their is a dangerous bend  near the other pumping station (1km south nr Wedon Way) and another one approx 800m to the north (vearing left towards Ashwell). HNDC consulted Highways during the pre planning application and in summary they advised that site access was fine subject to minor changes eg  entrance kerbs and the gate being set further back etc. Anglian Water use the existing access with vehicles much larger than we would be using - albeit probably infrequently.

Please let me know if any questions arise and we will do our  best to answer them in a timely manner


January 2017

Parish Council Response to the Planning Application for the Micro-Brewery, read HERE

November 2016 - Local Plan

Letter to The Independent Inspector, Strategic Planning and Projects Group, North Hertfordshire District Council, click HERE to read

There is a meeting at KTS on Wed 9th Nov at 6.30pm led by local councillor’s to try to dispel some myths about their local plan and to aid understanding which they hope we will give a short presentation at.  It would be good to get some people there from BB Plan.

October 2016 - Rural Baldock

It is important that all villagers understand the importance of  proposed development within the Baldock and particularly the Bygrave areas

Please see the link below to the website that contains most of the information



Sept 2014 - Fly Infestation

Bygrave is being troubled by a fly infestation again this year.

The BPC has approach the farm run by the Northern family regarding this issue.

Mr James Northern has confirmed they are buying granules that are put into any water and slurry holes to kill any eggs laid there. They are leaving any stock piles alone so that they do not create any issues with them.

Unfortunately we have missed a lot of thunderstorms and showers which washes manure fully into the ground and it does appear that it is when we have a long dry spell with temperature's in the mid 20's that we have a problem.

The Farm has confirmed that they are working  with Environment Health, and investigating how to improve the situation

May 2014 - Water Pressure

A response has been received from Affinity Water, please click here to view it.

April 2014 - Water Pressure

A further letter has been sent to Affinity Water asking them to investigate and reply about the water pressure issues


Water Pressure - July 2013

A further letter has been sent to Affinity Water asking them to investigate and reply about the water pressure issues.

New! -Temporary Closing of Bygrave Road, Bygrave/Ashwell Road, Bygrave and Claybush Road, Ashwell

NOTICE is given that the Hertfordshire County Council intend to make an Order under Section 14[1] of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all traffic from using that length of Bygrave Road, Bygrave/Ashwell Road, Bygrave and Claybush Road, Ashwell from its junction with A507 North Road north eastwards and northwards to its junction with Ashwell Street, a distance of approximately 6575 metres.

The purpose of the Order is to enable the replacement of existing water mains to take place.

The section of road will be closed for approximately 14 days during the period 17 June 2013 and 1 July 2013, when signs are in place. An alternative signed route will be provided for traffic whilst the road closure is in place.

Additional contact information can be found here and a map here.


May 2013 Drive Safe Scheme

Bygrave Parish Council are fully supporting the new Drive Safe scheme , any members of the Parish that would like to volunteer please contact the Clerk who will forward your details to the local Police.


April 2013 -Plastic Recycling update

Despite the LA stating that there would be a door to door collection in ‘early summer’ NHDC have advised that there is to be a briefing in May which BPC will have a Councilor attending

Should it be discovered that the door collection is not going to happen for some time BPC will demand the reinstatement of the plastic recycling bin


 MONEY FOR PROJECTS - Click HERE for further information

BUS SHELTER - Click HERE for further information

Register of members interests

Parish Photo’s - We are looking for Photo’s of the Parish to be placed on the web site, if you are able to assist, please contact the clerk, thanks.

Bygrave Parish Council serves the Hamlet of Bygrave which has won the "Best Kept Village" title in previous years.

The village stands on a clay-capped hill, a defensive position where the original settlement was surrounded by moats which can still be seen today. From these defences, the whole parish bounded by Icknield Way, the Great North Road, the Cat Ditch and a ridge to the north would have been visible.

The site of the village church, St Margaret's of Antioch dates from at least Saxon times with two phases of Saxon construction from 8th-10th centuries. Some Romano-British pottery, pre-dating the present church by several centuries was found under the north nave wall indicating a much earlier settlement on this site. This church has carvings of the ancient game of Nine Men Morris on the frames of the chancel windows. The Church is open at weekends only and the key is available from the churchwardens.

The peaceful lane leading to the church was once the centre of a busy village and known as the Market Place and flourished between the 13th and 15th centuries. There was a 3-day annual fair beginning at the feast of St Margaret. The date was changed to Easter Monday and survived until Victorian days.

The Manor Farm has contributed much to the life of this village, from when most people living there were actually employed on the farm, to the present day. Sheep are still grazed on the Common.

There is a designated 'Heritage Verge' on the road between Baldock and Bygrave with examples of flora and fauna indigenous to the area.

There is a Local Art Group who display their work as 'The Bygrave Collection'

Pictures of St.Margarets Church Bygrave, taken by a local photography student, Lauren Reid.




















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